Just a Bunch of Animals

Only in Venezuela would people laugh at the following video.  In most countries people would be horrified at such uncivil behavior. Luckily there is still some hope for Venezuelans because within the animal stampede there was one voice of reason; bravely reminding the pack of animals that they are in a city and should behave accordingly.


Dominicanito, the Venezuelan Thug

Only in Venezuela will juvenile delinquents boast about their firepower and bad ass attitude on video, to then be uploaded on YouTube. Few things actually disturb or scare me. The video bellow is one of them!  Venezuela has recently become notorious as the murder capital of the world. Corruption, Lack of governmental policy and inefficient governance has allowed crime to run rampant. This video is perhaps the best representation of the obstacle Venezuela needs to overcome.  The blatant disregard for human life is perhaps the most vexing issue, unfortunately kids like the one on the video are becoming more prevalent. Especially  when you have  a head of state that habitually sets a bad example by stealing private property and whimsically throwing opposition members in jail .